Saturday, June 28, 2008

Papier's Scrapbook Challenge II

~ Papier's Scrapbook Challenge II ~

I walked into I walked into Papier halfway through the Scrapbook Challenge and was amazed at the buzz in the air. I saw ten busy ladies hurrying to finish their layouts… some were stamping, some were cutting, others placing embellishments and others with their heads bent over their layouts with their fingers nimbly creating wonderful pieces of art.

~ Pretty Papier goodie bags ~

~ The fantastic prizes for the winners ~

~ All the layouts in a row *pretty embelishments* ~
After 3 hours of intense creativity, the scrappers submitted their layouts and took a break (yummy doughnuts were provided) whilst the judges did the difficult task of selecting the winners of the scrapbook challenge. I sat amongst the three judges and realized that their job was quite a tough one as the ten layouts in front of them were all pretty wonderful.
How was the winner going to be picked? Some of the criteria that the judges looked for were journaling, techniques and yes, even the neatness of the layout. There was also a vote for the favourite layout that ‘supporters’ could vote for which was a pretty interesting twist to the challenge.

~ The judges having the difficult task of picking the winner ~

Finally after much deliberation, the winners were picked.
As a bonus instead of just two prizes, a third prize was also presented.

The third prize was awarded to Kim.

The second prize to Suhaida.
And (drumroll…)

The first prize went to Liza Norman.

~ The top 3 winners of Papier’s Scrapbook Challenge II ~

~ The participants with thier LOs ~

The ladies were all pleasantly surprised to win an were delighted with their gifts, especially Suhaida who was actually eyeing the second prize with joy.

I would say that the Scrapbook Challenge II at Papier was a huge success. Not only did we see awesome layouts but it was wonderful to see so many scrappers come together to not only compete but to scrap together. I believe that scrapping is a hobby that is meant to be shared with friends and family and it was a joy to see a number of family members and friends who came to give their favourite ladies their support.

Overall, I thought that the Papier’s Scrapbook Challenge II was a huge success and I hope that ladies thought so as well... but I dare say from the looks on their faces, they thought so too.

I for one, can’t wait for the third challenge!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scrapbooking Challenge II ~ Online Layout Competition

Papier Scrapbooking
Challenge II
~ Online Layout Competition
Now, Papier’s Scrapbook Challenge II may be over but all of you out there can now vote for your favourite layout online.
A special mystery gift will be awarded to the scrapper whose layout gets the most online votes.

So what are you guys waiting for???
Vote online now for the layout you like the most!
All you need to do is just leave a comment and
let us know which layout you want to vote for ~ it is that simple.

Good luck ladies!

* Votes will close on 22 July 2008
Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3

Layout #4

Layout #5

Layout #6

Layout #7

Layout #8

Layout #9

Layout #10


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life Artist by Ali Edwards

Life Artist, Scrapbooking Life’s Journey by Ali Edwards

When I wrote this book, my goal was to create the sort of book that I love to read: one that both inspires and motivates. As you read this book, I want you to feel the overwhelming desire to create something. To upload some photos, to paint a canvas, to jot down a few notes, to make a layout, to try a challenge, to tell a story - Ali Edwards

Scrapbooking celebrity Ali Edwards who is well-known for her charming ability to capture the everyday moments of life on beautiful layouts is back with her third book, a book that explores scrapbooking as a form of life art.

Incidentally, Life Artist is the first scrapbooking book that I have read. I have stacks of scrapbooking magazines but I had never thought of buying a specific book about scrapbooking, after all scrapbooking magazines are not only cheaper I reasoned to myself, but they have heaps of tips and techniques and what have you…but after reading Life Artist from cover to cover, I now have a ‘must-have’ book on my list.

Filled with hundreds of new ideas to incorporate into your scrapbooking lifestyle, I discovered a whole different, side to scrapbooking. I find that sometimes, scrapbooking has lost its original true meaning; that of capturing the poignant, the sad, the happy and every other emotion and memory in between and finding a way to preserve these memories which will invariably be forgotten should it not be recorded down. There are scrappers out there that want you to follow and copy their styles and their way of creating and this strangely enough has curbed our own self-expression and creativity. So what if your layouts hasn’t win prizes or accolades, it’s the memory that is captured that matters the most, is it not?

In the pages of Life Artist you will be able to set your imagination and your artistic ability free. The Life Art Challenges that you scattered in the pages of Life Artist will make you to think and will definitely challenge you to start thinking about creating the sort of layout and project that you have always wanted to create without feeling any reservation. These little challenges, will push you to try new things or perhaps go back to the basics of scrapping.

Separated into eight interesting chapters such as “It is OK” and “Embrace Imperfection” you will realize that Life Artist is not your run of the mill scrapbooking book. Not only will this book challenge the way you see scrapbooking, but you will also be presented with many new ideas and a variety of unique projects that begs for your attention. Life Artist is also written in an easy to understand manner and with a smattering of Q&A sections in every chapter, which does help us to see Ali and her creative processes in a whole new light.

I think that I have said quite a fair bit to tempt you to read Life Artist, so I will leave you with a few of Ali’s Life Art Principles:

* It means celebrating everyday things
* It’s about being real
* It means sharing yourself

So if you are wondering about my recommendation, well this is not only one for your book shelves, but Life Artist is the sort of book that can be applied to everyday life ~ a definite keeper!