Sunday, July 27, 2008

'Our Family Scrapbooks’

A delightful book from Creating Keepsakes, ‘Our Family Scrapbooks’ by Lisa Bearnson & Becky Higgins is filled with wonderful photos and delightful layouts.

‘Our Family Scrapbooks’ is ideal for those looking for inspiration or have always wanted to start a scrapbook or a series of scrapbooks for their family. Divided into six different chapters, Lisa Bearnson & Becky Higgins inspire you to gather, share, learn, connect, cherish and appreciate your family.

The albums about family that the two talented ladies have created are just a joy to look at and would make you want to start something for your own family. For those of you who are just looking for inspiring new layouts, this book will help you do just that as well as these albums and the beautiful layouts can always be adapted to suit your theme. That’s the beauty of scrapping!
Filled with short snappy “how to’s” and sketches and bonus layouts, this book will keep you on your toes and itchy for your supplies or your sketchpad. This book also includes ideas on everything from how to create an ‘All About Me’ album to how to scrapbook your child’s yearly school photographs.

Some other highlights of the book include how to document your family line in a single scrapbook page, how to design “fill-in-the-blank” baby albums to give to your friends and how to summarize your childhood in just a few pages. So, would I get this book? Probably for the layouts and the wonderful ideas presented to scrapbook my family.

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