Thursday, August 21, 2008

Suyi & Daddy

Inspired by our theme colour for the night (black, white and pink), I thought I'd try working on the currently super popular sheers mini album. It took me a while as I didn't quite know where to begin. I had some newly printed photos (which I was dying to scrapbook) but I was limisted to a 3” x 8” space.

However after much deliberation, I finally managed to sort through the entire stack of photos, and decided that it was going to be "Suyi & Daddy" (as usual, mummy's hardly in any of the photos because she's always the camera-woman).

Now once I got started on my project, I got carried away and finally after 3 nights of scrapping all through the wee hours of the night, I finally managed to complete my album. I would love to share this with anyone who's interested in creating a very easy scrapbook project (once you set your mind to it). I love it and hope you will too.

So come along and join us for Papier Club Members Party Nite and bring along one of your favourite creations to share with the other scrappers. If you could, create your own special nametag and exchange it with another scrapper, you will also get to share another idea and make a new friend at the same time ~ It's a great time to bond with other scrappers.

So see you all at the party!

Love, Macy

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Zahilah said...

I enjoyed the party very much.I finally had an opportunity to exchange ideas with the other 'senior' scrapbookers like Kak Liza and Ida.( was actually one way only...I was at the receiveing info end..hehe).

I am totally in love with your sheer mini album (is that what u call it eh ?) and those 3 colors combination were really awesome.

cant wait to start my project..!!!!