Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hello all!

Its great to be back after all the New Year celebration and goodies over the last two weeks. Every year I look forward to the home made cookies by cherished family members and friends and most of all, the family gatherings and reunion dinners. Its usually the only time where we get to meet up with all if not most of the cousins, distant cousins, uncles, aunties, friends and the list goes on.

Well, New Year celebrations are all about celebrating family values and tradition and definitely an important part of each of our lives. Every year the family grows bigger and we grow 'up'. (I wouldn't say older :op) and its nice to be able to see how each of our lives evolve differently. For that, I think its all the more reason to SCRAPBOOK each of these special moments. Well, its back to the computer for me now, to sort out and then print the pics for my new LOs.

This year, we're also happy to announce our new DTs for the next 6 months (Feb-Jul 09). They are Jessy Christopher and Alice Loh. Today, I am introducting Jessy Christopher, our scrapbooking and special projects DT. You may have already seen some of her beautiful works on her very own blog and for those who have not, here's a brief introduction written by Jessy herself and pictures of some of her very first projects for Papier. If you'd also like to see more of her works, do visit Papier soon.

"Hi! I'm Jessy Christopher, 29, a preschool teacher and a photographer here in Malaysia. Mixed parentage of Indonesian, Chinese & Dutch. I've been married to my sweetheart, Eric for almost 3 years now. We are proud owners of 2 fur-kids, Tuffie and Tobes. We do not have children at the moment, hopefully very soon!

My precious students & family members are my fav subject. I started on paper scrapbooking early 2008 and enjoy doing all sorts of scrapbooking ie: paper, digital, hybrid & altered items. Well I would say that I am pretty hooked now. No turning back for sure!!

What I love the most about scrapbooking is the freedom to express myself. There's no boundaries, I can do whatever I want on my layout. Still consider myself as fairly new to digital & also paper scrapbooking but it has become quite a passion and when I have any free time, it's the first thing to do in my list!"


teacher jessy said...

I felt so honored to be chosen as one of the Papier's DT!! Thanks for the great opportunity, Macy :)

Wati Basri said...

congrats Jessy babe!!