Sunday, June 7, 2009

Little Artists at work!

It's Art Camp 2009! We had 2 sessions on 2nd and 4th June and as you can see, the kids had fun and so did we! Here's what we did with the kids: 1st session included making a fridge magnet, a personalised photo frame and a pretty cool book mark(bonus project). After the 1 1/2 hours, the kids wanted more, can you imagine?! We thought they were tired out but they were really full of energy and I must say that they are our budding artists!
Then came Session 2 (Thurs), and this time, we made a greeting card, mini book and a bag tag (bonus project!). The children went home with big smiles and cool projects to show off, and oh, also a little goodie bag each 
personalised with their name tags.
What we found? The children were absolutely great, disciplined but totally creative and they love to glue buttons! I'm sure Teacher Jessy will agree with me that it was definitely a pleasure to have had the company of these wonderful children in both sessions. Hope to see you all soon for Art Camp 2009 (2)!

*Project ideas & samples by Teacher Jessy
* Note: If you would also like to organise private art parties, do contact us at Papier. 

Tuesday, June 2nd 2009. Session ONE!Above: Teacher Jessy in action!

Below: Midahlya and Kay-Lene

Busy hands at work (from left: Etyan, Kasih, T Jessy, Midahlya)

What's glueing? (Center: Kaelyn, Xin Li, Aprilia)

Below pic: (Aprilia & Apricia and Etyan on my left ),
sorry if I've got the wrong twin again but they were absolutely great students!

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