Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Festive Box

You may ask what about these yummy chocolates! Well, I say give them away as a welcome/thank you gift to your precious guests this coming Hari Raya celebration.

Let me show you a very simple tutorial on making a simple but yet an attractive box :)

Firstly you need to get a fresh/recycle piece of an A4 paper & print this box template.
Click to enlarge the image above & hit the print button.

Trim your 12"x 12" patterned paper to 8.5"x11"(inches).
You can print the template on the back side of your patterned paper. For my case, the patterned paper is darker at the back so I printed mine on A4 paper as a guide.

Apply a very minimal adhesive to the A4 paper. I used glue tape.
Just to secure the template to your patterned paper.
Cut along the lines on the template. But not the dotted lines.

Once you are done with cutting, do not remove the template.
Score the dotted lines by using a bone folder.
If you do not have a bone folder, you can always use a craft/ice-cream stick.

Crease the score lines and remove the paper template gently.

Next, all you have to do is to form the template into a box.
Remember to apply glue at the edge before you slip it in.

TADA!! Here's the Festive Box!!

Decorate your box with ribbon & flower.
Psstt... the box can fit up to 3-4 chocs of Ferrero Rocher :)

Hope you enjoy this little tutorial & have a wonderful
Ramadhan to all our Muslim customers :)

Xoxo, Jessy
(on behalf of Papier Love)

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