Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Papier's Christmas Charity

Hey everyone!! This is one of the exciting news we would like to share with you. We decided to do a Christmas Charity drive for the 17 unprivileged children at the Abacco Estate.

A little info about Abacco Estate:

Abacco Estate is situated at Beranang. It has around 8 families living in it. The condition of their houses are not too pleasant and the path is rocky. Most families living there survive by working as a rubber- tapper. At times, these children need to help their parents. During raining season like this, they will not be able to go to the estate & this will lessen their earnings. A couple of children had to drop out from school due to parents are unable to support the school fees.

A 200 sq feet community hall was been built to provide education ie: tuition for the children. They were also guided in their school work.

Sis Eva and her team have been faithfully entering into the estate to teach these children. A number of them have improved and able to read better throughout the 6 years she spent with these children.

Here are more pictures I took of the children during my last visit to Abacco Estate:

Let us lend a hand to these precious children at Abacco Estate!
Your gifts will definitely bring smile to their faces!
Do drop by the store to pick a name :)

For more info, you can contact us @ 03-7725 4815

Xoxo Jessy

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