Saturday, January 16, 2010


Once again, thank you to all kind sponsors of the Abacco Estate Charity Drive which we recently organised. And a special thanks to Jessy too for being the correspondent with Sis. Eva and then so kindly transported all the gifts to the children of the estate.

I hope the new year has been smoothgoing and happy for all. Here's more good news.

Papier Elite Club Membership (PECM)
We have begun our Papier Elite Membership program as at 1 January 2010. Papier Elite members will be notified via official mail and also will be receiving a courtesy call from their Personal Craft Consultant very soon. For more information on Papier Elite Club Membership, please do not hesitate to give us a ring at the store or enquire at your next visit. Congratulations to our PCM members who have successfully been awarded the Papier Elite Club Membership for the year 2010 and thank you for your continuous support.

Papier Redemption Points
The Papier Point Redemption Vouchers for the year 2009 has just been issued. Members whose membership are still valid and have been awarded Point Redemption vouchers will be notified via sms or phone within these 2 weeks. Should you not receive notification or would like to check if you have received any Point Redemption Voucher(s), please give us a tinkle at (03) 7725 4815. Vouchers are valid thru March 10th 2010.

Meanwhile, stay tuned as once again, we have planned something fun in the weeks to come. Check back soon!

Happy Crafting!

Macy :o)

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