Monday, February 1, 2010

Crop Party Photos!

Hello everyone!! Yesterday we had an awesome crop party with so many talented ladies in the store. Let me walk you thru the photos as I explain further.

We started our warm-up challenge by making a name tag for the person on your left.

Here were all the beautiful tags done by the scrappers. Pretty isn't it? Majority used pink, I wonder why? LOL!!

First challenge was to create a layout using music title as their layout title.
They were given only 40 mins to complete the layout. I was amazed what they did.

Here are the completed layouts & also not so completed layout... hehehe :)

Second challenge was concept challenge. Scrappers need to use only 6 products out of 15 products in the list & were given 45 mins to complete. For the second round, most of the scrappers were not so pressured compared to the first.

Samples of 2nd challenge, beautiful layouts!!

After the second challenge, we had a special sale for the scrappers who attended the crop party. A very special way to thank them for their support. We also had the RAK giving ceremony.

Yuz won the best tag challenge.

Maz also won the best tag challenge.

Liza won the first challenge.

Yuz won the second challenge.

Jessica won the Best Dressed category.

Of course we had yummy donuts & coffee for refreshment.

What a coincidence, the best dressed packaging matched Jessica's dress!!
I guess it was meant for her :)

Here are the pretty ladies who came dress in red & pink. Thanks ladies for your support and looking forward to see you in our next crop party!! I am glad that these creative ladies went back with 2 beautiful layouts they made in the party :) At the mean time, happy scrapping!!

Xoxo Jessy


Blossom inch said...

I totally love this entry! of is my first ever cropping party and I won 2 challenges'. Thank you Teacher Jessy for all your guidance and you! Hugs
p/s: please invite me for the next crop party.

Adriana Jordão said...

This class should have been great!!! But I live very far from you!!!! I figure out how you are able to do all those things and also maintain more than one blog?!!! Best regards from Brazil!

jonaks said...

wow, your crop was a huge success!!! looks like a lot of fun!!!

Liza Norman said...

Marvellous ! Managed to complete 2 layouts in only 1 1/2 hrs! Never can do that at home... Always mommy send me tuition....pick up....etc

Macy said...

Great job ladies! Wish I were there too!