Monday, March 8, 2010

Cardmaking Crop party

Hey there!! Yesterday was another awesome crop party!! Besides cardmakers, we have some scrapbookers that joined us too. Everyone was so creative in creating their cards when they were given challenges by me. Hehe.

We started of with tag challenge. Don't we love to know new friends?

Here are the beautiful tags created by the talented ladies.

This little girl created a beautiful tag especially for me. So sweet!

The 2nd challenge was to make a card using flower patterned papers and also to have odd number of flowers on the card. Our theme was "Flowers"

Shamu creates beautiful flowers. Don't you think so?

That's Evelyn (yellow cardigan) & Shazalina busy creating.

Well, Amelia is well prepared for all the challenges that she completed the card so fast!!

Some samples of the 2nd challenge:

For the 3rd challenge, I got them to make shaped card. Any shapes except for square or rectangle.
Kim was concentrating very hard :)

Pek Ching was doing the same thing too, she brought so many beautiful stamps along to the crop. I was drooling looking at them :)

Here are the cards for challenge # 3:

Present to you our winners....

Mariam won the Best Dressed.
Macy can't put her baby down, she was sleeping. So that's why En-Yi is in the photos. LOL!!

Yuz won the Tag Challenge.

Amelia won the 2nd challenge.

Peck Ching won the 3rd challenge : Shaped Card

Here's the group shot. Everyone came with lovely flower printed clothings. Thanks for your support again ladies!! You ladies rock the party yet again. Hope to see you ladies soon *wink*

Xoxo Jessy

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