Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sassafrass Lass : Cherry Delicious

I was ecstatic that Macy gave me my fav Sassafrass Lass collection - "Cherry Delicious". Simply because it is very delicious... LOL!! I managed to make 2 layouts. It's a pretty girly collection but I challenged myself to scrap my fur-baby, Tuffie and my loved ones!

Little tips for you:
1. It's nothing wrong to use flowers or girly stuffs on boys or men photos. Just give a little thought and you will create an awesome one :)

2. Print smaller photos & also use multi-photos on your layout!! It's gives a different look and you can simply use more photos on your layout. Personally, I like repeating photos that has slight movements on them as if you are telling story on them :)

For close-up shots on the above layouts, you can visit my blog HERE & HERE.

I will be back soon with photos of new arrivals. There are so much that I have to snap them at the store. I know you will be tempted when you see the photos... LOL! So stay tune :)

Xoxo Jessy

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