Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Handmade Banners for Hari Raya

With that in mind, we bring you this  little idea about making your own handmade banner. This could be adjusted to any size with some reworking and if you don’t feel confident enough in your lettering or painting abilities, you can always stencil or stamp or stitch or iron on any number of solutions. Just don’t overthink it and make it reflect your personal asthetic!

Banners like this are easy to put together when you have a Sizzix Big Shot! You’ll want to lay out your banner as you create it and keep
the following tips in mind:

Start by counting how many letters your word has. If your banner will include more than one word you’ll want to add a blank square in to separate the words.

What will you use for the base of your banner letters?
Select a shape (scallop square here) and decide if you want all of the squares to be the same color or how you will alternate different colors. Then cut and lay out all your base banner pieces.

Cut out letters in the colors of your choice and lay them out on the banner.
Do you want to back them with something to make them pop out more? A die-cut shape, a doily, a square… the possibilities are endless!

Add ribbon.
Punch holes (two on each letter piece usually works the best) and string onto a long piece of ribbon.

Add more ribbon pieces, punched or die-cut pieces, stamped images, buttons, brads… whatever you have that will enhance your banner.

We wish all our muslim's customer
'Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri'
'Maaf Zahir Batin'

from all of us at Papier.

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