Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Inspired by my cookie tin (sitting right in front of me now, by the way, I love collecting Disneyland cookie tins), call me weird but I've got an inspiration for a layout right now except that I don't have my supplies with me... so I'm hoping that someone else shares the same/similar interest as me. Calling for layouts with the themes of:

1) Favourite theme parks moments
2) That special something (anything about theme parks be it mementos, rides etc that gives you that special feeling)

Do send in your layouts regs theme parks, mementos or anything related to theme parks. We'd be happy to share these online. As an encouragement, most popularly (voted) layout will win a little prize from Papier. So, get out those scrapbooking supplies and get 'em going.

Who doesn't love theme parks anyway??

PS: this is not a contest so there's really no rules... just another fun inspiration to keep you going!

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