Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crop Party Photos!

Hello all,

Long overdue and awaited for photos of the recent crop party. I guess you can feel the excitement and the tension (hehe!) felt by the participants through the pictures but that was only at the beginning. Everything soon fell into place and you can see the busy scrapbookers working through their 2nd and 3rd projects Oh! so seriously and the results? .... Fabulous! Also, congratulations to our 3 RAK winners of:

Tag Making Challenge Mazlina (in peach head scarf)
Sketch Challenge Novita (in orange top & scarf)

Number Challenge Agnes (in orange & pink paisley top)
Honestly, all the LOs came out beautifully but we HAD to choose the RAK winners nonetheless so WELL DONE to all and see you in our next CROP Party!

PS: Novita also won the RAK for "Best Dressed" and Mazlina was also the lucky winner of the "LUCKY RAK". How envious...

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