Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hello Crafters,

ATCs for MAKNA- Part 1

Firstly, a HUGE THANK YOU for all who have supported our charity campaign this year, "Creating with a CAUSE- charity for MAKNA".  I would like to thank all of you who has contributed by sending us your handcrafted ATCs, and to all whom contributed generously by purchasing the ATCs.   We have had some absolutely beautiful donations.  THANK YOU!

I have had some asking me, " so what can I do with these cards?"  Beautiful as they may be, I do understand that if you are not a papercrafter, you may not know the true meaning of the ATCs, so to whom my reply was use them as beautiful bookmarks or gift tags.  One friend, who so kindly purchased 10 cards (amongst others), gave me an excellent idea, to gift it to someone as a reminder that he/she was thought of for that day.  So, whatever the reason for purchasing the cards, we know and appreciate that it was done out of your kind generosity and with a PASSION to HELP someone who needs our help, in whatever little ways we could.  And I strongly believe that Every Little Contribution May Make a Difference!

I still strongly urge for more contributions of the ATCs and for those who have contributed to still purchase some of the ATCs of other artists and for those who already did, to lookout for new ones as they keep coming in.  If you could take a step further, feel free to contact us to help us sell the ATCs. 

However, please note that all donations are voluntary and Papier does not sponsor any supplies/materials for your contributions  The ATCs are sold at a min of RM3 each and ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO MAKNA.  Papier will not retain any of the proceeds sold and any other costs arising due to the running of this campaign, will be borne by Papier. 

AUCTION for MAKNA - Part 2

Having said that, we have another exciting leg of the campaign which begins today, OCT 8, 2012 at 10.00am.  In order to raise further funds for the campaign, we have had some absolutely gorgeous handcrafted projects DONATED to us for AUCTION.  Each project is specially handcrafted by the individual and just like the ATCs, they are heartfelt creations unique to the Artists. 

Please understand that each of these projects have been created with passion & love by the artist, and as a crafter myself, I do understand how difficult it is, sometimes, to part with a handcrafted creation.  So I truly appreciate each of these donated projects, be it big or small.  But the most meaningful part of this is that YOU will be able to SHARE a very special part of the artist by purchasing his/her artwork and by doing so, making a DIFFERENCE to another's life.

Each of these projects will be auctioned at a very reasonable price starting from RM70 and we will be accepting bids as of today, 10am.  Each bid will be a minimum of RM10. The highest bidder will be announced during our Glitz & Glam PCM Nite, on Oct 19, 2012 at 8.30pm.  ALL PROCEEDS will once again be donated to MAKNA. 

For these donations, should you require a personalised receipt from MAKNA, please inform our staff upon placing your final bid. Bids can be done by email at ATTN: SHIMA "BID FOR MAKNA" Project # X.  [your name]
Please provide a contact number for further contact. 

Do check out our blog very very soon for our very FIRST UPCOMING project for AUCTION by Guest Artist, Jaz Lee (S'pore), Amelia Khalik (RD), Chris Lim & more. 

Once again,
THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts
and I do hope that you have a wonderful week ahead!

Macy & the Papier team
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