Monday, August 23, 2010

Dyeing Seam Binding Tutorial

These days you'll be seeing beautiful rayon seam binding being dyed and used as a bow on cards or on scrapbook projects.

In Malaysia, I have not managed to find any rayon seam binding but only this kind of seam binding. I got this from a local stationery shop. It is usually used to tie documents or files.

This is what I did with the seam binding above:

First, I misted into a storage bag that comes with a zipper.

Once I have got a nice amount of mist, I stuffed the seam binding into the storage bag. Zipped it and gave a nice scrunch to it. You can push it to a corner to wrinkle it a little but it is not as effective as rayon seam binding as it is softer.

Ta daa!! Here's the colored seam binding. I like the natural effect of it.
A little white to go along with the pink.

Guess what, you can even try it with two colors!!

Cut another piece of seam binding.
This time I misted with two colors, turquoise & purple to give a combo look.

Repeat the same process, scrunch it.

Here's the color combo effect. Nice huh?

To give a little more interest to your seam binding, you can use script stamp to stamp along it. Staz On (Jet Black) is the perfect ink for this!

Ta daa!! Another cool effect, no?

You can always form the dyed seam binding into a very pretty rose & attach a pretty pearl as the centre! Love this shabby chic looking rose, do you?

Oh yeah, in this post HERE, I used a turquoise seam binding for my card and I loved it!

Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial and can't wait to see your version :)

Xoxo Jessy


aussiescrapper said...

Oh Jessy this is just gorgeous, how clever are you, I just love that you stamped it after dying it, this is magnificent, now did you have a base for that rose you made with it, is their a tute or did you just wind it? super not creative here, but I love it and would love to try making this one. Melxx

teacher jessy said...

Hey Mel!

I just wind it without any base. Will try to do a tut for that :)

Xo Jessy

Annie@Ambriel said...

I love this.. thanks so much for sharing.. such a great idea.

jacqueline said...

Dearest jess, this is such a wonderful tutorial!! I too love that you stamp it after dying it!! I want to get me some of those wonderful misted! Are they available at your lovely shop? :) Thanks so much for sharing! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!