Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crafting a sushi - Winners Announcements


We had a really great time, last Sunday, when our VIP guests showcased their talents, not only at crafting but food crafting too! It was all hats & gloves and then we got down to the real job of sushi decorating at Sakae Sushi, The Curve. Thanks to Chef Yong, we all had a great time learning to wrap our own makimono, california hand rolls, bear makimono and even made a hanasushi, which suited our theme of the day (flower power) to a tee! It was all excitement & laughter throughout.   Below are some pics in random order.


We've taken extra time to announce the winners as it was definitely one of the toughest feat we've had as the tags all came out so beautifully BUT we still had to choose a winner.  Yet, I feel as though I've not justified the amount of effort you've put in for the event, so I 've decided to throw in an extra prize for Most Beautiful Tag.  So, here goes:

Announcing the Winner of the MOST CREATIVE TAG:
   (drum roll...)
                                                       Ms Tan Mee Foon
Mee Foon won this category because of the use of copper wire to create first a necklace which doubles up as a tag with her name written on beautifully curled and die-cut flowers using Sizzix and metal sheets.  It is her creative concept us oing the die-cut tool which has won her an extra point.   

Well done, Mee Foon!

and the Winner of the MOST BEAUTIFUL TAG:
 (drum roll...)
                                                       Ms Chris Lim

Chris' tag was an absolute gorgeous composition of pastels, with lots of layers and fabulous mix of pretty florals with die cuts, decorated with mica flakes, beautiful ribbons, pendant and more.  A tag that speaks for itself and can adorn any apparels to make it simply beautiful.  Therefore, I had to add this prize category.  :o) 

Congratulations, Chris!

(more drum roll)
                                                        Ms Marina Khong

Adorned in a fabulous floral print dress, Marina wins Best Dressed for an absolute perfect match of apparel, accessories and adorned with a beautifully made tag.  Just to share a comment from an Anonymous person: "you can just feel the Springtime in her".  And I think that of course gave Marina extra points.  

Congratulations Marina! 

Please note: Winners are all selected based on an average aggregate from several judges and thus, minimal bias judgement from any one single person.

Having said all that, we would like to sincerely THANK all our VIPs (Very Important Papercrafter) who attended the event.  Once again, the prizes were just a mere incentive for added fun, AND to add some papercrafting element into the event.  To the winners, Congratulations, and to others, Big Thank You's for your efforts and we hope you will continue to strive for our future prizes!  And for PCM members, we look forward to have you join our Papier Elite Club Member soon for more of such exclusive privileges. 

We had absolute fun and we hope you did too!

We will be calling the winners shortly to collect your prizes from Papier.  

Once again, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts. 
Macy & team at Papier

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