Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Remember This - mini journal with doodling technique!

Hola! Hi there! Don't you just love Wednesday?! We are half way through the week and weekend is just around the corner! Yayy!

Without further ado, here's a mini journal from me entitled ' Remember This'. It reminds me of a song titled 'As Time Goes By' by Louis Armstrong..and the lyrics goes something like this .."you must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss.." yeah? Lol!

Anyways, I have used a plain cardstock and patterned paper by Prima consecutively in this mini journal. If you think that your journal looks a lil'l bit too plain for your own liking, especially on the blank pages; let me suggest that you start doodling on it. You can doodle any designs or words on the edge of the paper. For example like the one below, where I have doodled a cute tiny flower attached to a wavy line. I have used a pen with fine tip here, just so that the doodling won't take the limelight away from the embellishments, which I have also added on the same page. In the end, the doodling that you have done will look as if you have some stamping on that page and the key to that is also that you need a steady hand.

If you are doodling words, you can also choose the words that are suitable for the theme of your journal or even mini album. Simple!

And for the page below, i have doodled the word ' keep cool '. And again, with the same continuous wavy line.

'Sunshine' - for the page below.



'Laugh' and 'Smile'


'Trust' and 'Bliss'

And finally, that brings you to the last page. ;)

Oh yes, and i have also used a white ink pen on the black tag, which is secured with a leather string and tied around the ring binder.

Have fun with your doodling! Do share with us your creations and don't forget that a lot of the suppliesI have used here are available at Papier. Come and visit us!

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jezlee95 said...

What's the silver thing at the other side of the black tag you wrote with words, is it a stamp?