Thursday, December 20, 2012

Magical Photo Frame

Hi, Mee Foon here again.   Today, I decided to attempt a little magic.  I came across this simple and yet elegant photo frame in Ikea but thought it was such a waste to house only a photo in it.   
So, a little help from the magical drill and a few metal parts, I turned the back easel panel into a door.  
And then, poof! The photo frame became a keepsake box.

This photo frame will house the wonderful memories of the time I worked in London.

The back panel which contains the easel is transformed into a door.

And it opens out to an album.   Hopefully, this gives you an idea on maximizing your investment on the photo frame.   My next attempt is to create some "pop-up" embellishments for my current in-progress album.  Do join me in my next update on 2nd of January 2013 for ideas to zest up the mini album.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!! 

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