Thursday, December 27, 2012

My December Project Life Pages

Hello! Everyone...
I am so delighted to share with you the first few pages of my Project Life for December 2012. It has been done about  a week ago, when I was asked by our RDA to show my December Project Life, I was thinking of the latest pages but ohhh boy, I am running out of cartridge and photo papers. Hence, my post today are the pages of the early month of December.

Previously, my PL was done using the 12 x 12 pocket sleeves, since Papier has a variety of Project Life sleeves I looked no further to try all kind of sleeves this time around. Below is the first introduction page of my December Project Life.

the first page, I used "Design I" sleeve

the 2nd page

My PL for 2012 was done monthly not weekly, hence I will make sure I have a special sleeve for that particular month.  Here a close-up for my December 2012.

the 3rd page, I used "Design H" sleeve and my washi tape are just perfect to hide those not a perfect photo taken and to avoid the content of my sleeves from slipping out.  You can spot those bits of washi tapes in my PL pages.

the 4th page, nothing fancy but I love to take picture daily, hence 90% of my PL has my daily routine pictures. Be it at home, with friends and etc.  On another note, 90% of my journal in my Project Life are typed using my "vintage typewriter".  I just loves the "typewriter font" but a bit of effort and kind of something different to me.

the 5th page of my PL, I used "Design F" sleeve.
A picture of my altered book pages that was done by my scrap buddies. You know who you are and thank you guys, I am over the moon with all the pages.

the 6th page of my PL

some close-up, not all pockets filled with photo but try to put some sentiments or just a simple and nice patterned paper will do.  Picture above is a simple die cut that was cut using Cameo.
"JOURNEY" - for me it means these are my "DECEMBER JOURNEY" 

another close-up, I also used some nice doily and glitter paper for this as I wanna show both pictures on the right and left next to the doily represent "pictures of loves". Love to her cousin and love and bonding between "mom and her dear daughter"

That is how I do my Project Life, there is no limit - lets get inspired and start and grab your first Project Life kit from Papier now. There are plenty of kits, binders, sleeves, adds on and etc to choose from.  Trust me you will fall in love!  

Lets treasure every moment and documents your daily or monthly routine through Project Life, you will be smiling 10 years later if you gets to flip through your Project Life album together with your family.  

To have a look at my Project Life pages, drop by at Papier and don't forget to register for your next Project Life crop sessions with us.  Check out for more details at Papier today.

Happy Project Life-ing!

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