Friday, March 22, 2013

It is our journey

We are already towards the end of the third month of the year, time flies really fast and have you guys captured and create any memories for the past 3 months? with Project Life, all that are possible!

Well, I am back again to share with you my project life spread for Week 6, 7, 8, 9 and Week 10.  May be not very details but I am sharing those week randomly.  I am very much into Project Life and I hardly scrap a normal 12 x 12 layout nowadays, everything is about Project Life.

Those who is very new and about to start involving yourself with Project Life, you might want to drop by at Papier and check out their Project Life latest promo and you can also join our weekly Project Life crop session every Saturday at 11:00 am. Their staffs and RDA are more than happy to guide you on how to start your first spread.

Furthermore, Papier has loads of new arrivals which are Project Life related and check out their latest additions from Echo Park Photo Freedom - these collection are awesome! not to mention a lot more brands are in store waiting for you.

Week 6, first page

My girl made this "Gong Xi" card for us, its written inside for Mommy & Daddy.  Precious, I don't want to throw this card and I decided to put it inside the 6x12 sleeves and it is just perfect. I asked her to colour the tittle on top, "For Mommy & Daddy" 

She also made these in school, orange hanging from that yellow thread, love shape using orange paper and her little hand on that black paper. These 3 things I combined and put them in the 6x12 sleeve and typed some journal on top. A few mistakes in my journal but I just leave it as it is.  The next time your kid came back from school with her art work, I suggest you keep them - those are memories and this kind of things we should appreciate. Our kids are growing and they will never turn back to be a small baby again. 

 Week 7, first page. Totally in love with this Echo Park papers and it is super perfect for my Project Life. Love everything just my type of colours!

Week 7, second page. Loving those arrow/chevron and colours. I make it so simple by adding just 3 pictures and mostly black and white and my journal are stamped. Voila! I am done. 

 Week 8, a little bit overboard with my weekly card but loving everything on this page.  Hey!!! I created memories! so be it. 

 again an artwork done by my girl from school and it is nicely kept in the 6x12 sleeve. Loving the bird. 

 she coloured the cat, her school work that she brought home and love what she wrote "i mia zara" means:  I am Mia Zara

 Week 9, first page. I used a 12x12 paper and cut them according to the sleeve sizes and can you see my attempt of typing randomly on the PL card (bottom right) and trying to form a LOVE shape which is of course not successful but I kept it anyway! Should try again next time.

A friend gave this doa and I "PLed" the doa.  Thank you!!!

 Week 10, first page. I used a 12x12 paper for this page and cut them according to the sizes of the sleeves and this particular week is so bright and cheerful! 

 Week 10, second page.  Random bits and pieces that I used, washi tapes, tiny flat back pearls, butterfly cut from Cameo and wood veneer love shape.

All my spreads I've made using the 12 x 12 papers from a different brand and you can spot my Week 7 which I used the Echo Park papers and not forgetting some of my Project Life cards are from the Turquoise kit. Some are just bits and pieces of products such as labels, wood veneer, beads, enamel dots, ribbons, trims, tabs and etc.  I am very particular on my photo journaling and I am still very much into typing my own journal using my "vintage typewriter" this time around I used my Adler TippaS script/cursive font. How beautiful is that?

So whats your secret of keeping your memories? Do share with us and thank you for reading my post and do come back to check out on other DTs projects' and have a great weekend!

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