Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Other Ways to use Patterned Paper: Trinket Box

Patterned papers often leave us in wonderment...they can be so pretty that cutting them up sometimes leaves you wondering if you should just hoard them..or use them! I have an easy way for you to not part with the pretty designs our scrapbook manufacturers create for us..make you your own trinket box! You can use it to store your knick knacks and anything you may fancy.

I had the delicious Kaisercraft Secret Admirer Patterned Paper, Prima Hello Pastel Flower Embellie and Melissa Frances Chandelier Drop in my kit to play with and here's what I made to share with you!

1) Cut two circles (4" and 4.5")
2) Cut out cardstock/patterned paper to 6"x13" (add an extra strip to make this) & 13.5"x2"
3) Join the two end of the cardstock that was cut up in Step 2
4) Adhere them to the centre of both circles
5) You now have a lid & box body!
6) Embellish with lace, ticket stubs, large flowers etc

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