Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Card with Envelobox

Happy Tuesday crafters! I taught a card making class last Saturday and had a blast. Towards the end of the class I was humming and singing away with my students. Hmm hope they dont mind Aunty Liza's pitchy voice here and there. I know  I'll get a bad review from Randy.
 For today..I would like to share with you a card that I made using papers from Webster's Pages. 

A bit of stitching..

And here is my favourite envelobox with a window ! I love giving surprises and creating something different than the usuals.

This envelope has a depth 1/4 inch. It's perfect for a card with raised flower or embellishments  like mine.

 Have a great week ahead :)) Ciao..

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Noor Nahdi said...

I can see plenty of gorgeous projects in this blog, masha Allah...
TFS Liza :)