Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Match Box - ATC keeper

I was staring at a few clothing tags/labels that are just too cute to be ignored. I have a tin full of them. Simply could'nt let them go..becoz of my love for upcycling. So..here's a match box with a vintage looking tag that I got from DH's shirt.  Hope I don't bore you with another ATC keeper he..he

This match box will definitely be filled with more ATCs for my next swap :))

Just in a few more days we'll be entering the new year..my noodles right now are filled with exciting ideas on projects that I would love to make next year :)) Owh I even plan to give some tutes..so stay tuned okay. Happy New Year everyone..smooches :))


jazz's crafts said...

sooo like it lar!!

Macy said...

Great idea! I have loads of them..haha I'm a hoarder of labels/tags too and been thkng hard abt them...one day I will put them to GOOD use...hehe Great job, Liza!