Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Papier Design Team Jan-Mar 2012 - Nida Razali

We welcome 2012 with two new members joining the current design team. Welcome on board Nida Razali. Here's a brief intro about her. 

Finding your personal passion in life is an all important aspect of happiness

My name is Aznida M Razali and I live in KL.  I started to be serious in scrapbooking in 2006 the year I gave birth to my son. I started doing craft works since schooling days where I love to do cards, sketching (portraits), glass paintings and of course 'old style scrapping'. Those days my scrapbooks were basically cut and paste of my favourite artistes or quotes or anything fancy and beautiful to my eyes. I don't really have a specific style in crafting. More like queen of random for me though I feel that I always have the tendency to search for grunge and vintage stuffs. The tools and techniques in scrapbooking as well as the abundance of materials offers endless ways of experimenting and exploring. 

I have a full time job with a local engineering consultant in PJ. Crafting is definitely an opposite of what I do at work and that is what thrilled me the most! There is no right or wrong about it and it all depends on your interpretation. I like that!  I also love photography and it is a way for me to progress in my scrapbooking. I wouldn't classify myself as talented in art but my reason for crafting is to share with others this passion of mine apart from cherishing my precious memories so that when I am old, I would be able to look back and reminisce these memories in style.   


Congratulations Nida and we look forward to working with you..:)

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