Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tutorial - Fab Fabric Flower

Howdy folks...ready for a tutorial ? Lets see if I can pull through alright..lol. This flower that I'm showing you how to make is my favourite. Simply because of the endless possibilities of how to use it. It can be a corsage, a sweet flower on your layout or card, a tag, a hairclip and so on..

These are the things / materials you need

Step 1
Draw 7 petals of a size you like, on an interface ( you can buy this at a tailor shop - its for thickening and strenghtening your fabric )

Step 2 
Cut out the petals and place the sticky side on the wrong side of the fabric. Iron on using a mini iron or your normal iron. Caution not to burn your cute master piece!

Cut out the petals along the interface edge.

Step 4
Prepare your sewing machine and start stiching ( a few rounds )..stopping and turning the petals a few times at the curves.

Assemble your petals ...yayy almost done ! Join them with a "beacon" or fabric glue if intended for 
 paper craft.

Step 6
Cut out a circle from another contrasting fabric and glue at the centre. You can also add buttons or caboochons.

Step 7
Make some more petals ..yes the more..the merrier!

Hope you find the tutorial useful ...now go scout for momma's sewing machine and start sewing :))


Hand Made by SJ said...

so cute! buat i tak sabar nak beli sewing machine for myself...:)

Amelia Khalik said...

Waaahhhh so cantek lah ur flowers!!! I loikeee...:)))

Nida Razali said...

d flowers are so sweet! creative!!

Flip-flop (Norul) said...

Do you use any type of sewing machine in particular for this project? This is so spectacular....