Friday, February 22, 2013

Capturing the everyday life...Project Life

I am so in love with my ongoing project which is what else "Project Life"!!! Totally in awe with all the crafters, scrapbookers, memory keepers out there that are also involved in this Project Life/PL.  I love to see others PL as different crafters, they do different kinds of PL spread and so many possibilities with Project Life.

My last year Project Life was by month and when I flipped my 2012 binder I can't stop smiling looking at all those pictures and journals. It is precious!!!

Today I am sharing with you my Project Life from my Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5.

I love printing my photos and putting all of the embellishments, buttons, doilies, washi and everything I can on my page.  I know some of you Project Lifers out there love the clean and simple look, well it is entirely up to spread are just a mixture of everything.

Don't forget to join our Project Life crops every Saturday at Papier, The Curve. You can get so much ideas and share loads of techniques. Happy crafting!

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