Friday, February 8, 2013

January Project Life Pages

I'm all excited for the long weekend! Happy New Year to all my chinese friends and i hope you'll have a good celebration wherever you are. I'll be doing my weekly crop session tomorrow (9/2) at Papier. Feel free to join me for 1!/2 hours of crop. 

Here's sharing my last few pages of January PL. Yes in case some of you are wondering, i'm working on the mini pl instead of the 12x12 binder. I love decorating my pages. Some say it's like a mini layout! lol. Yes i have problems with space sometimes, which simply means i can't seems to leave a slot bare without embellishment. Oh well that's just how i do things. lol. 

Hopefully i'll see some of you tomorrow. Have a good holiday everyone. Happy makan! :)

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