Wednesday, November 9, 2011

20 Ideas to Celebrate! - Happy Birthday from Amie R

Hello folks!

Here's another from our very own Amie.  Most of you know her very well, as she's one of our pioneers in-store.  Here's a very su-weet greeting she made for her lil sis.  A lovely chipboard greeting card.

Here's a lil inspiration for your next card project... :o)

Have a happy week!  See you at Emeline's workshop.  Counting the days... am so excited!  I'm sure it will be another fun day with lots to learn & play with.  By the way, did I mention that we will also be using the new Martha Stewart paints at Emeline's workshop next week.  Thank you to Plaid for the sponsor.  Come join the fun!

Macy :o)


Amelia Khalik said...

Good job Amie!!! Very2 creative..:)))

Amier The Hero said...

;-) thx sis... hehehe

Liza Yahya said...

I'm sure this is such a treasure to your sis , very nice Amie, the journalling makes me teary..