Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pics Pics Pics

Here're some pics in random order...

                                                                     Wah-  Pretty in white
                                                                Happy smiles :o)
                                                                   Natali aka Bunny
                                                           Amie as the Blue Bunny??
                                                                     15 mins Challenge
                                                                      Tea for two?

                                                   Trying the hands at the Big Shot Pro
                                                            The Challengers at work

                                                  How's that for a Mad Hat? Good job, Rita!
                                                              Mother-daughter team
                                                              Busy making-n-taking
                                                           Love those head gears...
                                                               Say 'cheese'
                                                  Oooh, Bond ladies??

                                   From left to right: Rowena (aka Alice), Kak Liza,
                                          Back: Natali (aka Bunny)

                                                     Rachel & friend
                                                   Best Dressed Winner , Farah
Happy crafting!

Macy =)


Natali said...

O yes!! That day was really fun!!! Thank you Macy and everybody for this Party!!!
Natali (aka Bunny )))

Janetcraft said...

yes, it was wonderful and fun.

Amelia Khalik said...

Thank you for coming ladies and yes we all had fun!!! :))))