Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mad Hatter Tea Party 2011

Hello crafters!

Thank you all for making PCM Day 2011 another success story. It was really great to see all of you at our Mad Hatter Tea Party last Saturday. Thank you also for dressing up to the occasion, for a minute there I thought we were really in Wonderland with Alice. Well, there was indeed an 'Alice' for the day, our boisterous Rowena who took away the Grand Lucky Draw Prize worth more than RM650!

And then, there was 'Bunny' who hopped happily through our games and our Best Dressed Winner, Ms Farah Inaz and of course so many more of you who went to lengths to dress up for the party. Oops! Did someone leave a bunny tail behind? (Just kidding)

We, at Papier had a wonderful time, and we hope you did too. The first contest we had, the 15 mins Challenge was awesome. It amazes me, that in that very short time, given very little or in actual fact, limited supplies, such wonderful creations could be done. Hats off to all of you who participated. Congratulations to the winner who came out with the Most Creative Idea making best use of the very limited materials - Ms Natali aka Bunny. And to all who scored well in the quizes. Hah! You really know your scrapbooking stuffs!

All in, we all had a good time, that was what was most important. It was also a good time for meeting new friends, sharing our crafty passion and just spend some "me" time amongst like minded company. We had a go with the beautiful 3D flowers cut out from the Sizzix Big Shot Pro and made beautiful felt flowers with DTs Amelia & Liza. A big Thank you to both Amelia & Liza.

Last but not least to Richard for the balloons & witty-tertainment (y'knw what I mean ";) and a special thank you to the team at Papier for their hard work at planning & preparing for the party. The team worked very hard since Sept to start planning for the event, and each of the invitations given out were carefully handmade up to minute details.

Thank you all for your continuous support, especially to those who have been attending our Annual Members Day Party over the past years. Next year we hope to see you again!

(special note to Annie, thank you for coming even though you weren't well, really appreciate that) and a few others whom I know made the extra effort to be there...

What are friends for, if not for sharing
Macy =)

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