Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 Ideas to Celebrate!

here's another Wednesday moodling to inspire you.  'Merry Christmas' by Wah. 

Love the sparkly snowman? Using glass glitters by Melissa Frances, add that special texture and glitter effect to your snowmen & other die-cuts to give that 3D look & feel.  Even a simple coat (or two) of Glossy Accent (Ranger) can make those words pop.  What's stopping you from making something simple BUT special this Christmas? 

Stay tuned for more...

                                                       Whn in Rome, do what the Romans do,
                                               At Papier, do what the designers do,
                                                                                    Think out of the box!  That will definitely do!
                                                                             Macy :o)


Amelia Khalik said...

Wah!!! I love ur snowmen!!! Very2 nice!!! :))))

Liza Yahya said...

Wah, your snowman looks yummy : )