Friday, November 11, 2011

Swatch Book by Emeline

Howdy folks,

Here's a 'lil pretty inspiration from Emeline.  A swatch book for safekeeping of ideas & techniques. 

For those who attended Emeline's workshop last year, you will know that Emeline is talented at matching & layering various embellishments, and she works very well with different mediums and painting techniques.  Come join us next week, as she teaches us new ways to explore with mediums such as beeswax, paste, artists sands and more.  Don't miss out on the special workshops with most of the materials specially ordered from Singapore including the wooden box (musical box) & mechanism, and the baroque frames and more. 

Ask about Emeline Seet's workshops coming Saturday, 19th November 2011. 

Happy crafting! 

Macy :o)

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