Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mini Album - MY GEMS

Happy Tuesday all...
Here's my take for this week. My children have been keeping some silly photos of themselves somewhere in their secret boxes. I found them and here is their new home..

I made this 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch album using chipboards and painted them with my favourite Martha Stewart Pearl Acrylic paints and I totally love the sweetness effect.

I designed my favourite mini shadow box on the cover to hide a precious vintage pendant / gem from Prima Marketing. Can you spot it?

I also found a 'broken' heart pendant that belongs to my eldest daughter and cut off the broken wings attached to it. Used my beacon and simply place it on my fussy cut. Sshh she is unaware...lol

There !

Some funny photos of my kids circa 2002 ...they were all in their PJs ,just wish I could JUMP then and hug them again when they were squidgy and bubbly..lol

 Introducing.. my Youngest Princess who keeps on reminding me that she wants to be an architect in future. I kept telling her...maybe you can be..this..that..or just be what you want to be, as long as its enough to get you an LV lol. She replied..I just wanna be an architect mom. And don't worry I'll build you your dream house..I know..its a modest cottage surrounded by rolling hills, overlooking an oak tree that has this swing that you are crazy about kan? Owh ma..I'll remember to include a craft table and a sewing machine too?? 
She's a gem :))

Take care everyone..mmuuaahh

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