Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Introducing Project Life Dt - Norhaini

Introducing Kak Aini.

Hello fellow crafters…

I am Norhaini (loved to be called Kak Aini), have loved paper crafting since schooldays, unfortunately there was no scrapbook store then. I had to gather my embellishments from my mom’s old (and new) magazines to decorate my poems and to make cards (still can remember her naggings).

For the past 20 years, jumping from flower making to quilting and now paper crafting, I have never run out of adrenaline in this wonderful world of craft. Started as a walk-in customer to Papier, later a VIP member and now being appointed as a Project Life DT, these three years have been an exciting and pleasurable journey.

These crafting projects, therapeutic as claimed and I concur the statement, has given me the joy to keep on learning and creating projects either to give away or simply just to keep and admire over and over again. Sharing the knowledge acquired is the ultimate satisfaction. May we learn from each other. Happy crafting everyone!

We'd like to say 'Welcome onboard kak aini!'. Stay tune for more inspirations from her.

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