Thursday, January 3, 2013

Papier Design Team Jan - Mar 2013

Introducing our line up of Dt's for Jan-Mar 2013. Please welcome:

Aznida Razali 

Hello peeps! Nida here and this is my 5th term with Papier as DT. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Papier especially Macy and RDA Amelia for still having me on board. Thanks! 

I  started doing craft works since early schooling days. I don't have a real defined style. However, I do have my eyes on anything grunge, vintage, old, with lots of paints and inks on it. For me, there's no right of wrong about doing art. It all depends on your interpretation. Photography is another way for me to progress in my art as I always include them in my work. This year, I'm venturing into a new way of scrapbooking ( and less daunting!) that is the Project Life; hence photography becomes an absolute necessity! 

I have a full time job with a local engineering consultant company. Crafting is another way for me to relief work related! So, if you are like me and in need of something relaxing and less stressful activity; come join us here at Papier for the upcoming classes, demos and many more in this year 2013. Most importantly, come and get your craft supplies here at the store and you will be spoilt for choice! 

See ya' . Thanks for stopping by! 

Diana Chai

Hello, lovely fellow papercrafters! I am Diana Chai: a confirmed craft-a-holic. I discovered cardmaking and scrapping just two years ago and have been addicted ever since! It all began with some red rubber stamps from Etsy and my life was never the same again (chuckle)!

Cardmaking and scrapbooking have become a large part of my existence and is a therapeutic retreat from my busy work schedule. I've only begun proper scrapbook layouts this year and consider myself a newbie at this wonderful hobby.  

I am a vintage girl at heart and love everything distressed, vintage and shabby chic but have often found myself straying towards the cutesy and colourful once in awhile. Please feel free to take a gander at some of my creations at Much Love. 

Sharmandeswari Nidyanandan

Hello there! I’m Sharm I started papercrafting end 2009 after I had my first princess... Gift wrap papers you find at book stores were one of my first-est supplies until, I chanced upon a LSS (which is none other than Papier LOL..and the rest as we say, was history! :) I soon found myself joining challenges, attending crop parties and workshops AND becoming a hoarder! ;) I also began to realise that I had to deal with the reality of having been bitten by the scrapping bug! Contagious one it is too! :)

Beginners projects for me were basically punch art makes after which, I moved on to layouts, minis and altered projects using more defined scrapbooking products. My all time favorite is altered projects as I love transforming something plain into a more attractive piece.Scrapping supplies I cant live without are my cutterbee scissors and cuttlebug machine. I love all things handmade (truly, madly, deeply) and occasionally dabble with jewelry making and baking. I currently design for Heartfelt Creations & The PaperHaus Magazine. On the home front, my happy pill are my two fairies, my ever encouraging parents, sister and hubs. They are the reason I scrap.

Thank you once again for the opportunity, It's an honor! :)

Tan Mee Foon

I started to immerse myself in the wonderful world of art back in late 2011.  It was a major transition from the international IT corporate arena (which was a great blessing since it paid for my collection of tools, paint, ink ,paper, etc.) to something unfamiliar but which felt so right. 

At this point, I am exploring various aspects of this art world.  I am very much drawn to those amazing 3-D projects especially those involved pop-up or moving mechanisms.  The more challenging the project, the more I am immersed in it where time stood still.  There were multiple occasions where I would work on my projects from dusk to dawn (during my creative mode) only to realize it when my cats started to complain about their late breakfast.  I love pattern papers that have strong and saturated colours both in vintage and clean simple modern styles.

My hope is that my work can provide you with some information as well as inspire you as much as all those who have generously shared their amazing masterpieces on the internet.

A big cheer's to our awesome team of Dt's. They will bring more inspirations and deliver creative projects to you. We have a line up of interesting activity for 2013. We will keep you posted! Meanwhile check this space out often. Have a great day peeps! 

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