Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scraproom View - AK

Hi all, Happy Monday! Brand new day, brand new week. I've promised myself to share a lot more with you blog readers come 2013. Apart from the usual scrapbooking inspirations I'd also like do a little different this year. For a start I'm sharing my scrapping space.

My little hideout from the outside world where most times I'm in my own world of imagination and happiness. It's like my own candy store and happy place. I could never be anything but happy in here. Somehow the moment i step in this small room nothing could make me feel less than inspiring. Even my kids knows their boundaries and they know the moment mommy is lock in that room it's a definite no entry! lol, but i love my kids and i love to hear them play while i scrap so i would leave the sliding door open on good days when they behave. 

This room was built last year, before i had a small corner in the master bed room but after a while with me having more stash by the day it's really taking up space hence dear hubby decided to build an extension to our existing house. I have always dream of a white scraproom and a large island table, hanging chandelier and large mirror. He made my dreams come through. It was by far the best present ever! 

So this is where i pour my heart and soul in my creative journey. I would spend hours and still not getting enough of it. My mom always makes fun of me and she keeps on saying to my little girl that one day she'll inherits the room with all my scrap and papers! lol. 

If you like to share your creative space please Email me your pictures. I'd be happy to showcase your room. 

Have a good week! :)


irmafittaputri said...

wow kak..shabby chic ..classy... saya suka saya suka

*Dream Weaver* said...

How awesome! I hope to have a craft room to store all my goodies too *crosses fingers & toes*

Amelia Khalik said...

Thank you Irma and Dream weaver. I'm sure one day both of you will eventually have ur dream scraproom. Have faith..:)

Bellaidea said...

This is a lovely room!